Priprioca Talif Rose "consecration Oil"

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    Priprioca Talif Rose "Consecration Oil"


    This is my very favorite essential oil to wear shamatically and for its properties and amazing fragrance .
    Priprioca eliminates ama toxic deposits in the body and opens the heart to love !

    Talif Rose
    Rose is known to have the highest MH vibration of all the essential oils . It carries with it the greatest frequency for love and healing . Combining this with Priprioca was a no brainier and something i wear alot in my meditations and energy work . Each bottle contains .25 Talif per 2.5 g bottle rose 2019 batch from Saudi Arabia. Of all the roses distilled there this year this was the very best of all the distillations . My thanks and blessings to Al Sharif for making this gorgeous oil available .

    Wear this oil and let it transport you to your higher heart , your higher self . When we wear it over our hearts we can learn by sympathetic resonance . The shamans in south America do dietas to learn from the plants they put some of the plant material in water and let it sit overnight and then drink it while maintaining a strict diet so they can hear the subtle teaching of the plant. You can look at it like the water is downloading the patterns and information and then when you drink it its delivering that code to your cells and being. Really some high tech ancient wisdom right there. Ive developed a method of learning from the spirit of the plants though there oils in a similar but different manner . I use the oils of the plants to connect with and wear the oils on my heart on a crystal . Through aligning myself with its frequency i learn what that oil and spirits teachings are . Thought working with the pripripca and rose ive developed a relationship and its taught me how it can be used to open the heart to align with our higher selfs to break down old patterns and remove the ama "toxic deposites in the body " This is the work that leads to higher realization of self and a happy life for you and those around you . Healing not only your self but your ancestors and those yet to come . Deep dna re-calibration and reconsecration .
    This oil is all about love and attracts love as well into your sphere . Off all my offerings this one is the most profound. Many ceremonies i break down crying because of how its opening the heart center for forgiveness of the past , if we can feel it we can heal it so its very important to open ourselfs to be able to feel . This is the key in your healing .

    The scent is sublime , really really a showcase of a perfect rose with this deepness of the priprioca .Its a piercing scent that really pops the rose right away , sweet honey, a sensual tang and tartness , little citrus woven in between layers of exotic fruits . Figs, apple, plumbs, apricots , a forest floor with its dew glistening and sparkling in the first rays of the suns light . A revelation for the senses this transfixes my inner gaze transporting me to the realms of the divine

    Using it how i do on my emerald over my heart has been most profound in my awakening to higher consciousness . This is a tool of awakening to your highest potential . Something to not take lightly as its message and spirit will challenge you to your core . If your ready and feel called this spirit will work wonders in your life . A great gift from creator and creation .
    1 gram 70 usd
    2.5 grams 175 usd

    Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service, usually religious. The word consecration literally means "association with the sacred ".
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