Elixir Attar

True Ouddict
"Rosa Animalica" is a captivating blend of traditional and exotic notes, weaving a tapestry of olfactory allure. The sharpness of tarragon mingles with the earthy richness of deer musk, while Calabrian bergamot adds a bright, citrusy sparkle. Honey and narcissus lend a sweet, floral depth, intertwining seamlessly with the sensual embrace of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, and ylang ylang. The musky allure of civet dances with the creamy warmth of sandalwood, while patchouli and vetiver add a touch of earthiness to the boozy cognac. Vanilla and iris are the helix of this perfume, contributing to an ultra luxurious amber accord enveloping the scent, accentuated by the spicy intrigue of cloves. This fragrance is a symphony of sophistication, offering a unique sensory journey for those who seek the extraordinary.

Special features: Usage of Elixir Attar Rose Blend ( 13 rose essences)

(Taif, Indian, Bourbon, Edwardian, Rose De Mai, Bulgarian, Negev, Egyptian, Tunisian, White ,
French, CO2 Roses)

Surreal powder accord


Patchouli, vetiver, lily of the valley, rose, narcissus, cognac, tarragon, civet, honey, ambergris, deer
musk, vanilla, narcissus, Calabrian bergamot, iris