Hello all, I wanted to start a thread for one of the most beautiful jasmines ottos I have smelled.

I purchased a sample of Ruh Bella from RPP and wow, I was taken aback how it diffused in the air like the finest sun screen. It has no likeness to the solvent extracted jasmines where it is cloying narcotic indole. Rather there is just something indescribably sunny and bright about this oil. There is a freshness that is diffusing and not thick over empowering floral absolute. That is what makes it so balanced and makes me crave yet satiated

This would be great in Beach themed compositions that Jasmine alone couldn’t achieve on its own.

I can’t judge it on market value alone as I have tried any other Ruh Bellas, but it definitely does not dissapoint!

Curious to know if anyone on Ouddict has tried it and compared it to other Ruh Bellas? How do it fair market wise? I found Cathy attars, a lot of their goods are very high in value but their Ruh bella is priced lower



Not at $100/gram - yikes.
While its on sale, it’s 20% off it’s $66.6 per gram 😋 (if you buy a tola of course 🍭)

However I did remember that Aromology has a jasmine Motia that is $32 per gram. I’m trying to find my sample of it and will try to compare fairly! Hydrodistillations definitely are not cheap 😂

Aromology is a really good vendor, I wish they offered bigger sizes but can definitely DM them directly. They have a Boya that I really like for the price, i compound it with a cheap oud and chocolate to give me a ducktape compound like Bangladeshi oud 😂.

I can only find bangladeshi oud from RBO as it is one of the finest I have purchased.



I finally got my order from Aromology!
Hands down fastest shipping next to VioletGlass.

I said I would do a comparison between Aromology and RPP Jasmines Motias 😤. The two are noticeably different.

Let me paint a picture. I would say say RPP is much brighter and greener by abo it 25%-30%. I don’t get that same punchy sun screen powderness initially when applying Aromologys Motia, but it is noticeable on the dry down. The way it diffuses doesn’t beat RPP.
I feel like I can smell RPP wider and clearer, like there are multiple layers. They way they both open up are much difference too. Aromology has a bit of white candy ylang ylang flower opening which, RPP doesn’t have that, RPP already starts the ground running with a fresh floral and green touch. You have to sample both to understand these things, trust me sampling both is just best.

Id buy Aromologys for perfume blending hands down best price and maybe compound it with RPPs when I can knick it on sale hehe.
RPP is definitely good for personal use.

The beautiful thing is if you can afford high end Motias that’s great, but very happy there are alternatives for my own commercial purposes!
If you all find some great motias please let me know and please sample and write your own experiences!


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