Santal Royale And Mysore1984 Ensar Oud

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  1. Fredy

    Fredy Whats this Oud About?

    Santal royale and Mysore 1984

    I am selling these 2 sandalwood oils together at a great deal. Brand new santal Royal 2.5g and Mysore 1984 2.8g shipping included in the USA

    Special sale,please note a lot of discount has already been applied price is firm shipping in the USA included
    Both together only $425

    I also have a brand new 3g santal sultan that retail price is $500
    But I can make a combo of santal sultan, Mysore 1984 and santal royale just for $790 if you are interested pl let me know

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  2. Michelle Cyrulik

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    Hi Fredy. Any chance you would consider selling Mysore 1984 alone? Thank you

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