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Shumukh- The 1mill$ Perfume

Discussion in 'Synthetics vs Natural Products' started by Elixir Attar, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    :eek::eek:Early january this year I passed by Dubai, and i smelt Shumukh- a 1 million USD perfume- and to my shock- it was very similar to Montale rose musk!!

    Whats more shocking is that i found out that there is a French company called Golden Man fragrances that sells the clone of Shumukh- very cheap like 10 cents/ml.
    And its smells awfully close to the original thing.

    they also sell clones to most niche perfumes our there which are very close

    objectively one can say that synthetic containing perfumes may smell good- even very good- may perform extraordinarily good- but truth is these companies make huge profits by relying almost exclusively on synthetics.

    a natural perfumer makes much less in profit compared to these companies, which mostly outsource their perfume making to other large fragrance companies- which themselves then clone their clients perfumes and sell them cheaper under codenames like perfume As0280X
    Which in a catalogue sent privately to their retailers will say- it smells like Amouage Interlude or so and so.

    these companies look for profit in every way they can, and legally, large houses which outsource the perfume making to these companies have nothing at their disposal to do when their perfumes are cloned because changing even 1 component makes it a different perfume,

    some companies protect themselves from easy cloning by producing some vital elements of their forumlae themselves, but again, some people try.

    amouage and intio are among the best to be difficult to reproduce because they use patented molecules that are made exclusively for them and hence the pricing.

    it is in conclusion however, that natural perfumes - being made of real, expensive materials- are much more precious and rare no matter who thinks what-

    i myself used to use regular perfumes, but God after using naturals for a while- i cant stand synthetic perfumes- and its easy to say why-

    simply put, a synthetics niche perfume is a beautifully smelling mixture of chemicals, easily cloned, easily reproduced, whereas a natural perfume while lacking in performance, is really a great way to lift ones mood, meditate, and feel good.

    its like the original painting vs. a pc rendered photograph of an original painting- not even comparable.

    here i am attaching two photos of 5 ml vials of clone perfume oils
    Nasomatto Black Afgano and the 1 million $ Shumukh.- they even clone the color for God’s sake

    so next time if you are paying for a synthetic niche perfume, you better calculate that you actually are paying for advertisement, fancy bottles, and perhaps the CEOs salary, whereas when you pay for a natural perfume, rest assured, you are paying for non toxic beautiful naturally occurring extremely complex molecules that are bear impossible to produce in a lab.

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  2. Fazal Abbas

    Fazal Abbas Just Arrived

    Agree with you brother, the clone market is thriving & myself have used some clones too, but most of them do not give the same smoothness as originals, there may be same similarities in dry down though.
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  3. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    Depends on the clone brother
    Trust me, some companies have made 100% identicals- as they are the ones producing the original!!

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