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So what is your day job?

Discussion in 'Other Things We're Into' started by ParadiseofOils, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. ParadiseofOils

    ParadiseofOils True Ouddict

    Would be good to see what we all do as a day job for those of us who work during the day, get to know my fellow ouddicts a little more :)

    I have a few property and retail businesses which i manage daily from my office. I'm on the road alot of the day going from business to property and property to business and in the office other times. (As well as manage my hobby and business Paradise of Oils )

    What do you all do?
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  2. oudlover

    oudlover Oudologist Staff Member

    I put people to sleep . Anesthetist
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  3. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Have the recent changes in tax relief for landlords adversely affected you?
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  4. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    I'm a freelance Security Consultant
  5. hedycent

    hedycent True Ouddict

    I'm a set dresser in the film industry, specialising in botanical elements , also a beekeeper and horticultural consultant
  6. ParadiseofOils

    ParadiseofOils True Ouddict

    Not really no. Don't have any mortgages or loans on any properties so doesn't really affect us.
  7. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    I'm a student but when I can I work in a warehouse. Driving a forklift:D

    It's nice because I can wear whatever oud I want hahah... in university it's not that easy :Poop:
  8. halim

    halim Oud Relax

    i have a pizzeria and i am a pizzaiolo in my pizzeria food and oud must be have good taste lol
  9. ParadiseofOils

    ParadiseofOils True Ouddict

    Ah Pizza, one of my guilty pleasures... :)
  10. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    You own it Halim? If so, where do you live? We should have an Ouddict Europe Fest there!
  11. halim

    halim Oud Relax

    yes i own it i am in the normandie in france all ouddict member can come and i make a big pizza lol
    its a pizzeria only delivry and take a way but ouddict and all oud addict can stay lol
  12. ParadiseofOils

    ParadiseofOils True Ouddict

    What a kind gesture. I visited Normandie a long time ago. One Memory I do remember is having played a match of football on the beach there. Beautiful place. Lots of history
  13. Hainss

    Hainss Whats this Oud About?

    I am a student, in philosophy. I work in a used bookstore. I wear anything I want!
  14. Accounting employee...
  15. waq

    waq Whats this Oud About?

    well, i will become the northmost member of this group in a few days. as i live in the northen areas of the northern most country of the europe.
    Finnmrak, norway
    winter goes down to -38 C
    and i work as an accountant and financial consultant.
  16. waq

    waq Whats this Oud About?

    not by talking i hope :)
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  17. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Work with homeless people, mostly social housing.
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  18. alirican2

    alirican2 Whats this Oud About?

    I'm an SAP ERP software Consultant.

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  19. @waq Norway now the weather are best lovely weather but I her is extremely expensive more than Swiss and others country's the gasoline liter begin with 2$
  20. waq

    waq Whats this Oud About?

    only on good days, despite having a huge oil reserve, oil is quiet expensive here along with other stuff. almost 2.5 dollars a liter.

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