Socotran Elongata Attar

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    I give myself permission to not know what im doing and allow the process to unfold in a flowing way . I really started out to just distill Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood , then I smelled the wood and thought ok you need to soak / ferment for a few days with some pineapple , vanilla beans and honey. ...a few days later I started distilling it and after 14 hours there was only a few drops of oil , I though well this is unfortunate and then I thought some more went inside to meditate and think of what I should do next . The idea came to me to add 2 kilos of the Socorta Elongata Frankincense . I went back to the still and added the 2 kilos ... The yield was horrible and from 3.2 kilos of the sandal and 2 kilos of the elongate I only got 75 grams of oil . Its quite a strong frankincense , reminds me of neroli with its piercing almost diamond like quality . A rich deep intoxicating resin with nuances of the royal Hawaiian sandal . I still felt the scent was missing in its balance and structure or I would have left it alone but with such a piercing dynamic I felt it needed the soft touch of tony boltons frangipani that was distill in all glass as well as equal amounts of tazmanian lavender . White ambergris resinoid was also added to this to finish it off and give it extra longevity . I would say you cant really smell the individual flowers but that it filled some holes in the attars profile . Mainly this is all Elongata just with the most minor and delicate floral , sandal and oceanic tweeks .One of the rarest botanical wonders from a land that time forgot I bring to you.
    Socotra Elongata Attar

    Ill just be getting my money back on this one as I feel its expensive enough at 20 usd a gram .
    My gift to the great community that supports my passion

    Really enjoying this in the diffuser , but equally amazing on the skin or clothes as a natural perfume

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