Socotran Frankincense - Boswellia Elongata - Comming Soon

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    Socotran Frankincense - Boswellia Elongata

    I think im well know now for my love of frankincense oil and its very near and dear to my heart . Ever since I first heard of this variety of Frankincese I knew I had to distill it and add my touch to the oil . Its been a challenge to get the real deal but ive found a supplier that has been dealing with it for a long time and has the genuine product . Ive never seen its oil for sale before and I really cant wait to be able to offer it in small amounts here and on my etsy page . This is the really unique frankincense from Socotra the other kind that's available is quite similar to Boswellia Sacra .
    There will also be an attar developed with this oil as its base .
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    How to know if this is an incense from Socotra island or fake?

    • Incense from Socotra - sweet to the taste. If the taste is bitter - it is a fake.
    • Incense from Socotra is always in small pieces. If large enough pieces are peppered with something looks as talc, it's a fake.
    • Incense from Socotra quickly burns on the coal without a trace. If pieces of incense are coked during burning, it is a fake.
    • Incense from Socotra is almost completely dissolved in olive oil. If pieces of incense do not dissolve in oil - it is a fake.
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    Cool! This sounds like it has properties in common with freereana - complete combustion / dissolution being one. , frereana seems to melt and burn off completely while the sacra forms charred lumps. Your projects always intrigue me Tyson.
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    Nice to see you working on a new project Tyson. Like always I wish you good luck with it. The last frankincense sample I got from you was indeed wonderful and so I am curious how this one will compare.

    And what a beautiful landscape in the picture! And the trees!
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