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Taj Oud Oils By Tajul Bakhshi

Discussion in 'Oud Reviews' started by Rai Munir, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    A month before the package arrived having four Hindi Assamese Oud oils. No big claims from his side, but he just made a deal and said: You will feel the difference. He was right as all four different oils emanate different shades and trails but nexus is the same Hindi.

    Oud Imani: A Hindi with mild warmth of cinnamon and extremely light sweetness of cardamom blanketed in oudy smoke. This is not the dry-down that generally leads to Agallocha mystery, but this scent-sous mystery made me feel its soothing presence all the time. I love this trait. No barn and no weird chocolate at all. It is all bubbling resin on the coal, NOT on an electric heater. Impressive!

    Oud Khudee: This is the oil that has dark cocoa beans, dark chocolate and leather notes. It is somewhat monotonous oil that lacks a fragrant rainbow effect. But no barn-y and fecal notes of any kind from top to dry-down. No doubt, a Hindi depth is there but because of its being monotoned, the effect is not that lasting.

    Oud Nirvan (M197): Just a number was tagged there, but I tagged Nirvan after sniffing the bottle when arrived. Very freshening feel I experience whenever I sniff or swipe this oil. Soft scent of non-citrusy fruits coupled with the scents of various aromatic wood. I feel it is edible too. Summer, jungle, rain and earth! Agarwood being roasted at a distance is how I visualize this oil.

    Oud M196: Highly incense-y with a decent magnetic-field of fragrance! Simply what-an-oud-oil sort of scent! If I blend Oud Shuayb (1 gram), and Assam Organic (0.3 gram) and then mix a top class Viet Oud (0.3 grams), then I will be able to create this kind of fragrance.

    Well, Oud Imani, Oud 196 and Oud Nirvan impressed me. It was my second stride beyond the domain of artisanal world, and found the oils at par with legends, if not above.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Respected Taj Saheb advised me to keep the oils un-capped for a whole day after receiving them. He said this much time is to be given to oils to let them adjust their scent in new climate and weather.
    Taj Ouds.jpg
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  2. Anwar

    Anwar True Ouddict

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  3. Mohsin

    Mohsin Just Arrived

    how is it, both in terms of quality and price, when compared to Ensar's or Zak's (agrwoodAssam) oud?
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  4. PersonelHigh

    PersonelHigh True Ouddict

    You have said the magic word ~ incense ~ trusted Musk Man the sample sizes offered on the website are quite a gulp larger than yours. I need to learn to make friends the way you do:)
  5. PersonelHigh

    PersonelHigh True Ouddict

    I ordered a full 3g bottle of Taj OUD M196. What I got was M199. I could tell before I opened it that the bottle had leaked so I took pictures. It was wrapped only in a layer of bubble wrap and put in a regular paper envelope. No card, no sample. Just a huge leak and not what I ordered. I based my order on your review. Highly incensey. What I am smelling is petrol and lipstick. At the post office they said it smelled like tobacco.
  6. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Respected PersonelHigh, he is in the States now. He has to address the matter, I think.

    199 and 200 are comparatively dark. 199 has Aroha sort of smokey feel too. Yes, incensey it is.

    196, 198 are clean and oudy. 198 is being awaited.
  7. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

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  8. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    Oud oils 2016

    Khasi hills
    Garo Hills
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  9. Anwar

    Anwar True Ouddict

    ... and the verdict is???
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  10. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    For the price, 100 USD a bottle, I'm very happy to have them.
    Assam is very tough, black and very strong.
    The 2 meghalayans are very good and different notes.
    Nagaland on the other hand, there is a waxy smell and the bottom of the bottle we find a white matter, but I like it.
    In conclusion no seller can compete.
    Of course i don't compare with legend Ensaroud 550 usd and more .
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  11. Hakim

    Hakim Oud Fanatic

    where can we purchase his other ouds? seems that only 2 types are available at the AssamAromas website
  12. zakinkazi

    zakinkazi Whats this Oud About?

    Brother Hakim. You can ask him through e mail and he will hook you up more.
    Although as respected Rai said he is in states and will be back on 4 dec.
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  13. Hakim

    Hakim Oud Fanatic

    Thank you brother, will e-mail him soon inshaAllah
  14. PersonelHigh

    PersonelHigh True Ouddict

    This is what I got in the mail. Unfortunately it must have swelled or got jostled the paper mailer and bubble wrap didn't do the trick. I am in communication with the seller and we are sure to work it out.

    Attached Files:

  15. PersonelHigh

    PersonelHigh True Ouddict

    Want to leave a follow up that I did write to Brother Hakim and he sent me a gram of K-250 and I am enjoying it thoroughly.
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