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Thai P

Discussion in 'Oud Reviews' started by Stan, May 17, 2020.

  1. Stan

    Stan Whats this Oud About?

    Cinnamon tones, spicy, not as sweet as Papua A, no floral notes, I feel strong opening notes. After around 1.5 hours there was a distinct dry-down making the oil lose a lot of that initial pungent smell. There is a molasses/dark brown sugar quality to the scent on my skin – would be a perfect companion to a bowl of sticky toffee pudding! The sillage is good and as the day progresses the scent relaxes more and gets into itself more making it a very fine attar.

    Later in the evening, the aroma has mellowed with, for me, hints of tobacco and smokey wood. There's a distinct difference between the origins of this Oud and the Papua A Oud and that difference is what gives this Oud its individuality. It absolutely comes into its own several hours after the initial application.

    I will definitely be buying some for myself having tried the sample.
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  2. Rahel

    Rahel Resident Artisan

    This one was one of my favourites, it really surprised me with its complexities but like all good things come to an end so is this one (Sold Out) now!!
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