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Thai Tabac - Ensar Oud

Discussion in 'Perfume Corner' started by PersonelHigh, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. PersonelHigh

    PersonelHigh True Ouddict

    This attar got me drunk or something. Just a sip. A sniff. I could swear I smell gardenia. With tobacco and honey and pollen and rose I would NEVER wear but I am pushed back and horizontal and I can't believe my head ~ the sparklers set off. The lights. I have a specific memory of a similar event 5 years ago? At a vegan restaurant tasting, I don't know what. Soil? A Bravo TV chef, known for foraging. The sensation was similar and what I can only describe as a tier higher than goosebumps, a level up. A rolling revelation or dancing brain cell emoticons? Is this heaven? I have American Oud on my left wrist and Thai Tabac on the right. Just when I was going to recommend my unsolicited advice to Ensar Oud to give up the jig and just write and teach and lead us by our nose rings, this composition, this spectacular flower.
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