Oud Beginner
⛩When we talk about oud there is one important country we need to mention, Japan. In the 17 century Japanese created a theory to identify ouds. This theory is called “六国五味” which at that time Japanese separated the oud roughly to 6 countries and 5 smell. Ofcause they already realized that the oud from same area can be different smell and oud from different area can be same smell. The 5 smells are,
⛩spicy (like clove)
⛩Sweet (like honey)
⛩Salty(like air near the sea)
⛩Sour( like plum smell before you eat)
⛩Bitter ( like smell cooking herbs)
🤌Nowadays we know that there are total 32 species of agarwood trees from 13 countries and the smell combination of the oud can be very complicated and there are some smell are not mention in the Theory like nutty smell or minty smell. However, in my opinion this theory is not out of fashion because it can be a good way to train our memory according to the 5 basic smell, or adding more basic smell that we know to assume the value of the oud. It’s not an easy job ,that’s why we have to “listen “ rather than only smell the oud…


Aster Oudh
This is an area I wish to improve....explaining the different scents I am smelling....
Thank you agin for this......