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The Current Oud Scene

Discussion in 'Oud Market Trends' started by Ouddict, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    I’m still in shock... this forum is insane and if it hasn’t already achieved legendary status, then it will do pretty soon. Maybe I should shut it down so everyone can see what it was like in the bad old days when Oud was ridiculously overpriced... :D it’s just been one long Oud Party since 2016!

    The problem at the moment is that Oud is ridiculously underpriced and some vendors are struggling. Neither state is healthy... and then here is Habz giving it away for free :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
  2. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Respected Ouddict, let the current phase continue at least for half of those years when Oud was absurdly over priced. Amends for the damages! By the way, no loss at all, even after offering huge concessions. One can visualize the price. Though luxury, so no price. But at least it must not be trumpeted that 'on this price it is a bargain'- a common sentence of those days when less than $350 was for visiting a website, not buying.
    Now choices are every where. Even some main Oud dealers are becoming members. Of course, when they will see the prices of the oils basically bought from them at cheap price, either they themselves will become vendors here, or tell about the genuine price. Sensitive time ahead.

    But respected Habz is beautifully crazy.
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  3. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Ouddict forum is not a forum for wholesalers and distillers - if anyone wishes to take their chances and find them on the Internet, feel free. We have a lot of artisanal vendors who have been instrumental in the success of this forum and loyal to it and we have no intention of turning it into a "fish market" like a notorious vendor on another forum once claimed. We all owe a modicum of gratitude to them, without whom the choice would be between 2-3 vendors pricing their wares at an ever-increasing rate as was the case during 2016 and before. The actions and conduct of a particular vendor has understandably generated a lot of cynicism and scepticism, but lets not tar all vendors with the same brush. Even with those vendors, we have managed to force a response in terms of pricing and quality which has improved.

    Any vendor who is a Resident on this forum is on here with permission from the management after being checked that they are a retail artisanal Oud or natural perfumery operation and do not engage in anti-competitive and unfair monopolistic practices like I won't mention who, but you know who I am referring to. That is the criteria - other than that, everyone is free to join.

    This forum is not anti- or pro- vendor. It is vendor agnostic and seeks to find an equilibrium between members and vendors to create the vibrant eco-system we see today. The forum is the equivalent of a cross between a university or college where people can learn directly from experts engaged in the Oud trade and with a upmarket mall that is full of high-class boutiques providing choice for members and healthy competition between retailers. The retailers work very hard to filter the dross available from the wider world of wholesalers and distillers - for every decent Oud they put on sale, they have probably been through many duds and wasted a lot of money to find something that represents quality and value. Oud is not a mass-market offering and for those who think that there are legions of wholesalers hiding amazing oils at next to nothing good luck with that. It is simply not the case. Moreover, some vendors here spend their time and money on distilling Ouds from scratch and go out into the field - not for the faint hearted. I think some acknowledgment of their efforts and respect is due.

    As for these Oud dealers you speak of, there are several who have been members for over a year, but realised that retail is not easy and prefer not to deal with individual customers. I have privately even invited some to try and sell retail if they can and they have backed off. It is not as easy as it looks. Why do you think there are factories in countries like Thailand and Bangladesh that sell to Gap instead of setting up operations in the West and doing it themselves? It is no different with Oud that is resold. Quality control, service assurance, communication with the buyers, setting up premises (websites and the like), marketing on social media takes a lot of time and dedication.

    To be honest, for most of the vendors I speak to on here, they do it for the love and not for the money as many - not all - have other careers and are effectively subsidising the price for consumers. It is no surprise that they can offer it cheaper than other well-known vendors. They could spend their time a lot more productively if they focused on their careers. Some may well chose to do that in the near future as I know that they are struggling to keep coming up with amazing deals and maintaining wafer-thin margins. Let's just appreciate the golden period for buyers that is currently in existence, as sadly, it will not last forever.

    So the next time you see an Oud on sale, please realise that it is just the tip of the iceberg and a lot of work and effort is expended in presenting it to buyers. Not everyone is guilty of the sins of one or two profiteers who, until recently, dominated the scene.
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  4. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    I moved these posts from the HabzOud Competition thread as it was not fair to hijack it.
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  5. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    :praying: Of course, nicely expressed and accurately expressed. And of course, it is a reality that Oud Scene has drastically changed. And, of course, a lot of factors are there to bring this twist in the scene. This Forum is one of the major reasons. These are worthy members that have oriented the Forum in a way that the Oud Scene is no more monopolistic or duopolistic or so. Open into open. Variety has ornamented the scene.

    Very right, respected Ouddict. Well, there is none who says to tag and propagate some are definitely guilty of profiteering. Possibility is there, one's profiteer is another's prophet of Oud world, and vice versa. And, yes, it is always so.
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  6. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Brilliantly put and depressingly accurate. :Unsure:
  7. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    But, my most respected Ouddict, it is to be faced.

    Since the day I joined, I still remember each and every day, and the hectic days you people experienced. Your untiring efforts, and, I cannot neglect, some unsung heroes. Then we are able to witness these days. I have no hesitation in saying that now the Forum is a Forum by definition. Otherwise, generally forums are in reality a kind of second website. Anyway.

    I miss Mandeel. I don't know why Mods have disappeared. May they be hale and hearty. Amen!
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  8. Ouddict

    Ouddict Forum Co-Founder & Tech Support

    @Mandeel AlMandeel will return. We talk on a daily basis and he’s good, but busy. As for the mods, we do need some more as @jensz and @riviera274 are now admins and I’m stepping down as soon as I can.
  9. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Thank God.
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