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Three Years Of Ouddict

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Oudamberlove, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Ouddict Co-Founder

    So todays the official 2 year anniversary of Ouddict. What a journey it has been, i can say with some solid conviction this community has impacted the Oud world in such a positive way like never seen before. You all should pat yourseleves on the back, thank you all :clapping:
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  2. peter4ptv

    peter4ptv Member

  3. peter4ptv

    peter4ptv Member

    All members who register Jul 14, 2016 are getting free oud from @Ouddict:Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup:
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  4. hasans1

    hasans1 Oud Fanatic

    Cheers to whomever shared that business card in an eBay order to check out this awesome and incredible and amazing site. I could live here forever.
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  5. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Three years of Ouddict now! I didn’t forget, but was too busy to mention it. :)
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  6. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

  7. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Happy belated birthday, Ouddict Forum!
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  8. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    Actually... the birthday is on the 13th July.
  9. Kabir Attars

    Kabir Attars OudSufi

    Happy birthday Ouddict..:praying::hand::):Laugh::Thumbsup:
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  10. Ashfaque

    Ashfaque Analogue Oud

    Thanks a lot to everyone involved. Without this forum I probably would have learnt less about oud and other natural aromatics and spent lot more on junks.
  11. Grega

    Grega True Ouddict

    Such a lovely place, Hotel Ouddict :clapping:

    Love you all and the time you give to keep the forum alive.
  12. Woodland Note

    Woodland Note Moderator Staff Member

    Happy birthday to this community of wonderful people! :)
    I feel lucky to be a part of it.
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  13. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Ouddict Co-Founder

    Happy bday...thanks to all our members and community :handfist:

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