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Tutorial: Using Oud Resin

Discussion in 'Al Hashimi' started by Alkhadra, May 8, 2019.

  1. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Assalamu Alaykm and hello everyone! I've been getting a few questions in regards to how to use Oud resin and so....


    Most people are new to using raw Oud resin as a form of incense for fumigation. I’ve decided to post a small tutorial in regards to how to use Oud resin to get the best experience, while giving the user a head start on the learning curve.

    • To start off, it’s recommended to use an electric subitism burner, as it comes with a temperature setting as well as a flat surface to heat on. Start by placing a few mica plates on the surface of your heater and set it on the lowest temperature setting.
    Note: The resin liquidizes quickly when subjected to heat, hence why it’s recommended to start on the lowest temperature setting possible.

    • Break off a small piece of your Oud resin and place it over the mica plates, watch as it immediately starts to bubble and starts releasing its Oudy aroma. Depending on the type of heater you have, the temperature setting may be too low to get it going, so incrementally adjust the setting slowly until you find the proper setting to enjoy it on.
    • Enjoy the wafting aroma as it fumigates the area. You will notice that when it starts liquidizing, the aroma is very clear at first. After around 90-120 seconds, the aroma starts getting harsher, and that’s when you’ll know to turn off your heater, just as you’d do when heating Oud wood.
    Note: At this point, some of the resin may have spilt over the mica plate and onto your subitism burner. It solidifies very quickly, so wiping it off will not be very easy. To get rid of the resin stains on your burner, you can scrub it off using the rough edge of a sponge, with a little bit of soap and water. It’s fairly easy to do it like this, and after you’ve cleaned it, just wipe it down with some napkins to ensure dryness. You can also use green tea as a healthier alternative to soap and water for those of you who want to take the extra step, but you will still require the rough side of a sponge to scrape it off.

    You can see how the resin behaves in the video above. You don’t need to use a piece as big as the one in the video. In fact, half that size is more than enough to enjoy!

    Note: For those of you who want to burn on charcoal, you’ll need a lot of ash to avoid overheating the resin, as well as a very even and flat surface to put your mica plates on, else the resin will slide right off.

    Hope this helps!
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  2. jensz

    jensz Administrator Staff Member

    IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::confused::confused::confused: Looks Amazing!!!!!!
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  3. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    It smells pretty amazing too! :Roflmao: I can still smell it on my hands after wafting the smoke around.
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  4. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    How is the resin extracted? What solvent I mean?
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  5. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Hey there Mr. P,

    Honestly, I'd love to share this type of information and all the good experiments going on behind the scenes, but I'm afraid I'm unable to at this time.

    We've performed a number of experiments utilizing different methods of extraction with different solvents and have come up with our own methods on performing extractions. If we tell the world the methods we use for each extraction, we'd be giving away our intellectual property for others to copy.

    What I can say is the solvent we used completely evaporates, leaving no traces left over in the resin, which is one of the prime reasons we opted for it out of the many different options we had.
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  6. powdernose

    powdernose Oud Sprite

    Just make an aluminium foil boat to hold the resin pool.
    Place that with the resin in it over the mica.

    Traces are always left behind.
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  7. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Really dig it, simplifies the whole process, I'll edit the tutorial later today once I get a chance to.

    My apologies, call it a linguistic mistake if you will. :Roflmao:

    No noticeable* traces of solvent are left behind, meaning what's left would be somewhere around the 1-15ppm range or so.

    Hope that clears things up!
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  8. Abu Amir

    Abu Amir True Ouddict

    This must be the the super sinking grade due to its density
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