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    The Vendor of the Year is given to the vendor with the highest number of votes across all polls. Last year Imperial Oud garnered the most votes and we had a single Vendor of the Year 2017 award. This is the norm.

    This year we have had three vendors amazingly tied on an equal number of votes of 49 each. We thought about possibly differentiating the awards as best newcomer etc, but this would not have been fair so we simply have three vendors who are joint first place.

    The Winners
    Agar Aura.
    They need no introduction with Taha being involved with Oud for many years and going to the n'th degree in controlling his products from the jungle to the customer.

    Al Hashimi. Newcomers to the industry and to be honest, I am totally surprised at the number of votes they received. Will be interesting to see where they go next as they are clearly doing something right.

    Ensar Oud. Known to anyone who knows about Oud in the West, this company, led by Ensar are the pioneers of the concept of "Artisanal Oud" and responsible for introducing the finest of the Chinese tradition of Oud to the West, which built his brand. No surprise here at their strong showing.

    2018 Winner Vendor Gold Awards.png
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    Congrats to all 3! And congrats to Tyson too
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    By the way, if any vendor wishes to use the above awards, please contact me for the high resolution file.
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    congrats to the winners! @Ouddict love the design with the destillation apparatus.:thumbsup:

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