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Version I – Journey to The Sea

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We all aspire to those magical evenings when those sunsets ensconce. I for one have looked out to sea and meditated on the dark green. I have smelt the spray of the waves and at times the moisture evaporates and we smell the wood around. This is my Journey to The Sea.

If we are sensitive, these moments take us to a different place. Similar to enjoying complex ouds. Both are meditations and should be because they contain what is beautiful and are both gifts.

I am making twenty 3ml bottles and then I will “vault” this formula and will not be making this again. This oud has been discontinued by the distiller and I have blended this based on a civet tincture which was made specifically for me.

Fragrance Notes:
  • A green floral oud
  • Nagamotha Essential Oil
  • Angelica Root
  • Nutmeg Absolute
  • Ambergris 2017 tincture
  • An exclusive hand made Civet and orris tincture

The opening is a sharp animalic affair and then the dry down turns to a powdery fruity apple

The concentrate will be diluted on order and there is an option of ordering the scent at 20% and 25% concentrates.

3 ml @ 20% concentrate £55 - Opening offer discounted to £45
3 ml @ 25% concentrate £65 - Opening offer discounted to £55

Each purchase will be gifted two samples of my new osmanthus fragrance and my old favourite containing jasmine and tobacco absolute.

Postage and packaging in UK Free (surcharge to USA 10 USD and 7 euro to the EU) Other destinations please get in touch.

As is customary for this season, we at Rebel Perfume would like to promote giving to charity and so will make a donation to Uptrade:

Uptrade helps small rural communities specifically small livestock farmers and low-income households looking for direct access to markets to sell their livestock. Uptrade also assists water stressed and energy poor rural communities fund access to water and power. Listen to the inspirational story by Fariel Salahuddin

For purchase enquiries please do email

Sidney Gilbey
[email protected]

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Sidney Gilbey

Resident Artisan
Do you have a website to view please?
I'm still creating the website and about to start an Instagram! This is a soft launch for my brand and I have some more scents in the making which I will hopefully launch soon.

In the meantime is there any questions I can answer for you?