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Wanted Areej Le Dore Atlantic Ambergris

Discussion in 'Other Perfumes For Sale or Wanted' started by 911LambMelb, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. 911LambMelb

    911LambMelb Whats this Oud About?


    Looking for a full or near full bottle of Atlantic Ambergris.

    This is the last bottle in the entire collection that I need. So I am paying top dollar for it $$$.

    PM me or post here.

  2. Don_BoVo

    Don_BoVo Just Arrived

    Hey, did you happen to get your hands on it? I also am looking for Atlantic Ambergris. 10ml should be fine for me tho.
  3. 911LambMelb

    911LambMelb Whats this Oud About?


    Yep ended up getting a bottle for a fair price.
    There is a bottle on Ebay right now, going for big $$ though.
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