1. Al Shareef Oudh

    Laos Oudh - Jibaal (aged)

    ‘Jibaal- Towering Oudh' "Greeting your olfactory senses with a cloudy waft of leather JIBAAL bedazzles you into thinking you have the most clean Nagaland laal(red) Oudh but before your thought is complete it moves swiftly onto a deep dark ripe fruit note which is synonymous to the heydays of...
  2. Al Shareef Oudh

    1999 Al Malek Al Malaki - Rare

    Today is a special day. After many weeks of careful deliberation on whether this rare gem which is a true treasure should be released, I humbly present to you AL MALEK AL MALAKI The Angelic King. An Oudh specimen of the highest grade AL MALEK AL MALAKI is a work of love, a life’s companion, the...
  3. Al Shareef Oudh

    Al Layl - The Night Fragrance

    Al Layl - The Night Fragrance No perfumer can claim mastery until they have composed at least one night fragrance nor can any fragrance collection be complete without it. Our tradition boasts many fragrances composed specifically for the night and it is arguably one of the most challenging...
  4. Al Shareef Oudh

    Aseel - Oudhyness

    ASEEL is Oudh Oil distilled from such trees. Our aim was not to produce a meek, fluffy scent that was passive and undistinguishable but this Oil is all about the intricacies, depth and facets of Oudh scent and good stock of wood. We have seized and projected every detail of this Oudh. It demands...
  5. Al Shareef Oudh

    Modhesh - Malinau Wonder

    Here is an oudh that will bring life and vigour to your fading love for oudh... MODHESH - Strikingly Wonderful From the jungles of Malinau, MODHESH was one of the final distillations we planned on doing before closing for the rainy season. In all honesty, nothing initially stood out about...
  6. Al Shareef Oudh

    Nusa Oudh Oil - Al Shareef

    Nusa Oudh Oil - Study Oudh For those of you who have heated a piece of this beauty, surely your mouth would have salivated at the thought of a Nusa Tenggara oil. You are not alone. You didn’t think we would just stop there did you? the olfactory experience couldn’t just end there. The first chip...
  7. Al Shareef Oudh

    Halawa By Al Shareef Oudh

    Halawa - Delightful A delightful camphorous oil, debuting with a lemon grass top and a ginger green opening it flows into a magnificent ambergris-like salty note sprinkled with green walnuts and then a touch of heady incense aroma breezes in from the highlands of Tibet accompanied by natural...
  8. Hamza H

    Ramadan Releases - New Products!

    As salam alykum, with the holy month of Ramadan upon us, new products have been added launched at The Attar Store along with discounts across all products! Enjoy ouddicts! Along with this there is 5% off the Ambergris collection, with code "OUDDICT5" and significant discounts across all...
  9. Hamza H

    Hand Picked Malaysian, Lawas Oudh Pieces

    Lawas, Sarawak - Malaysia I often have an affinity for the highest grade pieces in any batch, when going through our Lawas Super Grade Oudh batch, I noticed they were only a few pieces of striking quality. I thought these deserved to be separated from the rest owing to their resin and...
  10. F4R1d0uX

    La Maison Khenata V 2.0

    As promised, we have done some improvement to our packaging :). New box with new LMK modern style pouch. We also added a lab grade polypropylene V vial for 0.25/0.3gr samples :).
  11. F4R1d0uX

    Sumatera Gelang

    Location : South Sumatra Distillation : End of 2018 March 2019 during Oud Fayre in London: La Maison Khenata presented its oils released officially at that time with the exception of a small fresh batch from the end of 2018. With each swipe, Wow! Oh my God ! What's this oud? Some even ordered...
  12. Al Shareef Oudh

    Samarqand - Fragrant Novel

    ‘Samarqand - Fragrant Novel' "I opted for the name Samarqand for this composition because it is the balance of strong, opulent and rich ingredients pairing flawlessly with their floral, green and silky counterparts. SAMARQAND is your bottle of world history, stills of the cross road of cultures...
  13. Hamza H

    Hogmanay Discount - 15% Off Site Wide

    Just a reminder about 15% off across sitewide at theattarstore.com for the new year - applies till the 8th of January Follow this link to automatically redeem 15% off your order. https://theattarstore.com/discount/HOGMANAY a nice image of a whale - it might not be Scottish, but it certainly...
  14. Hamza H

    Angkor Jam 2019 ~ Final Stock Remaining

    Angkor Jam - 2019 Take something that smells nice on its own and its good right? Now what if you take multiple nice smelling things and blend them together carefully? The scent would be even nicer, richer and more complex - a literal amalgamation of nice scents. An amalgamation of oudh...
  15. Hamza H

    Lawas, Malaysia Oudh Wood

    Its been a while since I last launched a batch of wood. With the last batches having been well received I've been itching to launch another after a hiatus from the oudh world. With the end of the year fast approaching, dropping here is the final batch of wood for the year. Enter Lawas...
  16. Abdullah

    Imperial Oud Holiday Sale Now On 20% Off - Www.imperialoud.com

    hello and peace people, our holiday sale is now live - we truly appreciate all your support and kind words over the years - thank you from my heart - enjoy the sale! Use coupon: sale20 at checkout www.imperialoud.com
  17. Al Shareef Oudh

    Wow What A Year! End2019 Sale

    it has been another wonderful year at Al Shareef Oudh where we brought our friends some of the finest olfactory delights! To end the year big, here is 35% off on your cart value minimum spend $500 USD (you pay $325 after discount. See poster for more details.
  18. Al Shareef Oudh

    Very Old Merauke

    ‘MERAUKE - UNDER GROUND' "So why do the Arabs adore Merauke? To put it simply, Oudh in our culture is not to be just ‘listened’ to. Don’t get me wrong there are many who have an Oudh space where they will go and relax and enjoy high-grades of Oudh individually or with like-minded colleagues, but...
  19. Al Shareef Oudh

    Where To Begin, How To Progress

    As a perfumer I have benchmark samples for most my ingredients, these are the samples that I compare every new batch to, it is like ground zero. These samples are what I consider to be the best of that particular ingredient based on my individual experience and in most cases the collective...
  20. Al Shareef Oudh

    Loose Incense - Kunuz

    ‘KUNUZ - Treasures' Secret formulae of Bakhoor are hushedly passed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. Crafting the Bakhoor is a joyous event - a gathering of wizened elders, the joyous sounds of laughter, the rhythmic celebratory hum of the Duff (drum) and an assembly...